Principal’s Message


I appreciate the support I have received since my arrival in this institution at the start of this year. The support and warm welcome accorded to me by the teachers, students, parents and Board of Management is commendable. As a result the transition from my previous station to Ribe boys has been smooth. I would like to candidly point out that the wind of change is blowing at Ribe Boys High School and we all have to be ready to walk in the new dispensation.

As a school, we are on the path towards re-branding. This re-branding is paramount and vital to our institution as it will enable us compete in the league that we belong in (the national Schools’ league).We must be ready to change our attitudes because I strongly believe that the opposite of change is stagnation. We should be able to adapt to the new expectations and re-engineer our systems. I want to appreciate the systems and programmes present in the institution and as we embark on a journey towards fine tuning them and being zealous towards ensuring that they work, I hope that we will all be on board and no one falls off this bandwagon.

I am very passionate about academics. It holds a special place in my agenda because being an academician of reporter, I acknowledge it is a great investment by the government and parents and as an institution, we ought to give feedback to the “Investors”. The feedback can come in the form of a good academic performance and discipline by the learners entrusted to us. The good performance I’ve mentioned will come about as a product of hard work and self discipline among the teachers, students and parents as a concerted effort. Success doesn’t appear out of the blues, it can’t be achieved in oblivion. We need to put in place systems and programs that produce good results.

I have in my short stay in Ribe Boys High School observed great opportunities in our school. The institution has extraordinary abilities unwrapped and if well exploited, we will be able to play in the national league. I strongly believe as a school, we have the capacity and ability to compete in this league that has eluded us for a while. We are an institution out to claim its position on the map of academic giants. I observe with satisfaction that the school has many strengths. The first one I’m keen to mention is the good entry behavior of the students. The learners we get have the ability to comprehend the information given to them and act on it appropriately. I am also glad to note that the students in Ribe Boys are well disciplined. If fully exploited, we can easily move the mean score from 6.4 to above 8. In fact, I feel the target for KCSE 2017 (7.75) is achievable and we can easily go beyond.

I also note with appreciation that the Ribe Boys teaching fraternity is a great gem. Ours is a team of dynamic, competent and professional men and women who are duly committed with the requisite capacity to achieve the targets set. The non-teaching staff on the other hand is one team out to ensure the lives of the family is made easier and that our targets are achieved because they all undertake their endeavors with due diligence. I encourage them to keep up the good work.

The support from the Board of Management and Parents Association is highly appreciated and invaluable to the institution. Our parents have offered financial, moral and spiritual support which enable us undertake the successful projects and programmes in the school. The Ribe Boys Board of Management helps in offering strategic direction and informed resource mobilization and utilization. This is indeed a great strength. The Board is united and is always passionate about development of the school. I appreciate that the whole team is focused towards achieving our school strategic plan and I believe that together we can realize our goals.

The journey towards re-branding Ribe Boys has started in earnest. Image matters so much to me as what meets the eye says a lot about someone or an institution. It is with that fact in mind that we started creating a new Ribe Boys right from the school gate. We have replaced the old gate and built a new gateman’s room so that people coming in can see that they are getting into an institution with a difference. We are also undertaking some landscaping and beatification of the school by planting flowers, and making our paths better by putting some pavements.

We have re-branded our science laboratories by undertaking major renovation work. We have put in new tables, a new working gas system,constant supply of fresh water in the three science labs. We have a working fume chamber, new shelves, a more habitable office for the lab assistants and a working, functional drainage system. I’m proud and elated to say that the Ribe Boys laboratories are a State of the Art kind of laboratories with capacity of accommodating 150 students at a go, an increase from 48 previously. This means that in 2018 K.C.S.E. our candidates will sit the practical exams in one session, unlike previously where they would sit in for 3 or more sessions. We have also done other works including the painting of the school bus and van to comply with the Ministry’s requirements. We have also ensured we cater for the well being of the students. Our dormitory area has also been fenced off by putting up a chain link fence with two strategically placed gates. This has enhanced security in the dorms. The 2nd floor of Martlew dorm is also under construction and upon completion at the end of the year, we hope to house an additional 150 students. We have also done an extension in the kitchen and overhauled our oven from a capacity of 48 loaves at a go to 72. This has brought in great efficiency in service delivery in the boarding department.

I am proud to mention that the school received funding from the Government of Kenya through the MOEST. The 7 million shillings is meant for infrastructure development and we have embarked on a major project of putting up a six classrooms block at the “New Ribe“ site. The classes are anticipated to hold 60 students each and at the time of writing this article we are almost done with the foundation. Ribe Boys change is here and inevitable and as it is, we need resources and investments to achieve our goals. We hope to partner with various stakeholders, including and not limited to, the county Government, national assembly representatives, county government representatives and other donors.

I believe we are on the right path as an institution and let me just state that our best is yet to come or be seen. We have developed a service charter which shows our commitment to all the services delivered in our school, with clear timelines and requirements. We are an institution committed to effective and efficient service delivery to all our clients and we will not compromise on the quality of services rendered.

I end by wishing you all well. I hope you will follow Ribe Boys in it’s journey towards academic excellence.

God bless you all.