Students’ Council


The Spartans might just be the most feared community in war. Their warring ways unspoken of among their adversion. Their resolve to stand up and make legend is still a quest in the modern world. Today the laccerians likewise are very much like Spartans, gearing for war, sheathing the sobers oiled enough and putting on our heavy academic boots and the heavy protective chainmen of our dreams.
My metallic chair might be cold but warmth of tomorrow warms it anyway. The bed might be a luxury at now but I know that tomorrows will be better. We hold those dreams dear to us to our being to the innermost of our existence that no challenges may stop us, that no hill may be too steep for our claws, that no prey is too fast or clever for the lion. Our resolve is to realize our dreams, to realize the vision and to RULE THE JUNGLE, never denying to eat grass is a question no

John Chiwai

Vice - Chairperson

I solemnly take this golden and prideful opportunity to give gratitude to the almighty Lord for the mediocrity notch that we are in as a school. Being capable of publishing our 4TH edition which is a striking success. I would also like to thank and fully congratulate the RIBE BOYS JOURNALISM CLUB ASSOCIATION for the heatedly effort that they had chipped into this edition. As I hold a powerful and worthy full position in school as the vice-chairman Academics, I learnt that the richest wealth in this world is wisdom and for us to be in that level of success we need to be united in greater spirit swimming with the current and in matters of principle, we should stand strong and hard like rocks to persevere the challenges we face as students. I therefore, urge all the students from all corners of the world that, it is always good to aim high rather than seeking the safe path of mediocrity with no change in future. May God bless RIBE BOYS.

Edson B. Masha

Secretary General

A lot of gratitude to the RIBE BOYS Journalism club for making the 4TH edition of the Ribe Herald a striking success. It is often said that the vice-chairperson is only as good as the president. Being the eyes and ears of such a powerful administration privy to unique and powerful thoughts about the development in performance and future direction of the latter. I unanimously agree that the ultimate purpose of being in school is to gain intellect as well as moral autonomy. Being in charge of discipline, welfare, health, environment and boarding, I have learnt that leadership is not just a position but an obligation. It’s during my time of reign that I came to realize that leaders are only made but are rarely born. Sometimes leadership can make your aspirations and expectations look like empty shells. It can cause you to doubt the most cherished desire of your existence but perseverance is the best tool to combat all this. As leaders we must have discontent for us to avoid mediocrity. Everybody was meant to be successful and therefore we should live the lives we were meant to live. I believe that RIBE is a great school and so let us again unite in a force greater than cohesion and take RIBE BOYS across the country through great performance and discipline. Let us be initiators of our lives and not spectators. Our future lies upon our hands and therefore
it is our decision to shape it or destroy it. Success to all 2018
candidates and GOD bless.

Kitti George.

Boarding Captain

The good thing about success is that it does not belong to the chosen few, but it always belongs to the few who choose to succeed. Frequently we hear, we judge, we forget, we see but we do not understand that the biggest tragedy in life is the irony in it. Life is a challenge so solve it. It’s a game, play it, its an opportunity, get it, it’s a sorrow overcome it, it’s a pen design your lifestyle. At all times we must be strong enough to know when we need help and brave enough to ask for it. It goes without saying that we should be aware when it’s appropriate to persevere or when its time to let go; sometimes accepting defeat is strength.

Victor Mwamuye

Library Captain

I am grateful to have been given this chance.The ultimate of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands to gain knowledge and skills. Tomorrow I will learn, the fool does say; tomorrow itself is too late, the mice learnt yesterday. Blessed be the journalism panel

Kombo Idris